Monchere Dormitory

24/7 Security

Monchere provides full security services for asset protection and stakeholders safety


Monchere is at the heart of the University belt and walking distance to groceries, malls, restaurants, fast food chains, and many more.


Daily Housekeeping and maintenance personnel are augmented to ensure the safety and upkeep of all facilities, rooms & perimeters.

About Us

Monchere Dormitory

has 76 rooms with 292 bed spaces and offers short and long stay bookings for rooms and bed spacers all at an affordable price. The rooms are equipped with its own bathroom, study table with bookshelves and individual cabinets. The reception area provides a large TV and a drinking station where tenants can relax. Wi-Fi access is likewise readily available for internet usage. Bicycles and motorcycles are also provided parking spaces for convenience. The dormitory caters for both men and women, independently and in compliance to the basic regulations of law. The dormitory has a 24/7 security guard force and the entire premises is fully equipped with CCTV cameras. It is also equipped with the latest fire protection system with all rooms having fire sprinklers and smoke detectors.





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Frequently Asked Questions:

Room Rates:

Room for 2 ₱5,500.00 per bed (for female only)
Room for 4 ₱4,500.00 per bed (for female and male)
Room for 6 ₱3,850.00 per bed (for male only)
Rental Extension for Rooms per 4 & 6 - ₱170.00 per day
Rental Extension for Rooms per 2 - ₱220.00 per day (for female only)

Transient - ₱650.00/per day


-Inclusive of mattress, equipped with AC, individual cabinets, study table, bookshelves/compartments,separate toilet and bathroom(For FEMALE only) and CR for MALE, common CR(For MALE & FEMALE), sink, wide screen TV at the lobby and free wifi access, 24/7 security and convenience stores

-Utility bills (Water and Electric) are not included, each room has its own submeter.

Room Sizes

-Room for 4 *17.71 sq.m -Room for 6 *21.27 sq.m ( Available for Male only ) -Room for 2 *12.69 sq.m ( Available for Female only ) *Common CR Boys - 28.00 sq.m. *Common CR Girls - 9.48 sq.m

-Security Deposit shall be paid upon move in, 2 Months Security Deposit for 3-6 months of stay and 1 month deposit for 1-2 month of stay. Refundable within 30 days upon move out. We accept Cash, Checks or payments made through bank deposits.

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Monchere Dormitory

Address: 924 Bilibid Viejo St,Brgy.391, Quiapo, 1001 Metro Manila


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